The Worst Hairstyles that are Damaging your Hair

Many hairstyles can be damaging to your hair. For example, certain styles such as tight ponytails and high buns leave a lot of tension on the strands, while some short haircuts like pixies have very little protection from heat. Even if you aren’t sporting one of these styles, it is vital to maintain healthy habits to avoid damage and breakage. Continue reading

Ways to Make Your Face Look Fresh All Day

You want to look fresh and put together all day long. But there are countless reasons you might feel less than fresh, from a lack of sleep to stress or even an emotional episode. So it’s time to take action. Read on for some quick and easy tips on how to make your face look fresh all day long. Continue reading

Benefits of Taking Cold Showers for Your Skin

Do you always feel guilty about skipping your morning shower? Do you find yourself feeling gross and sweaty throughout the day? Maybe it’s time to take a cold shower. You may have heard that taking cold showers is a healthy choice, but did you know that it can also help your skin? Learn more as we explore these benefits of cold showers. Continue reading